До и после: фитнес-тренеры показывают свои фото 10 лет назад и сейчас
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До и после: фитнес-​тренеры показывают свои фото 10 лет назад и сейчас

Новый чел­лендж #10yearchallenge уже собрал более мил­ли­о­на пуб­ли­ка­ций в соц­се­ти Instagram.

Челленджи — одно из глав­ных раз­вле­че­ний в соци­аль­ных сетях. Так, неко­то­рое вре­мя назад поль­зо­ва­те­ли соц­се­тей по все­му миру на спор обли­ва­лись водой и сни­ма­ли видео, дру­гие пуб­ли­ко­ва­ли свои фото­гра­фии из дет­ства, а тре­тьи — дела­ли сним­ки, лежа в самых необыч­ных позах. Свой чел­лендж был и в бело­рус­ских соц­се­тях — после слов пре­зи­ден­та о «раз­де­вать­ся и рабо­тать» мно­гие бело­ру­сы сде­ла­ли соот­вет­ству­ю­щие фото.

Новый чел­лендж, стре­ми­тель­но наби­ра­ю­щий попу­ляр­ность в Instagram, назы­ва­ет­ся #10yearchallenge: в его рам­ках фитнес-​тренеры и про­стые люби­те­ли здо­ро­во­го обра­за жиз­ни пуб­ли­ку­ют свои фото­гра­фии деся­ти­лет­ней дав­но­сти и сей­час. Таким обра­зом мно­гие могут срав­нить «до и после» и понять, к каким впе­чат­ля­ю­щим резуль­та­там мож­но при жела­нии прий­ти.

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Challenge accepted. Spring 2009 to winter 2019. What a difference 10 years can make 🤣Needless to say a lot has changed, but the most important change for me… my confidence. And that’s about a lot more than just the weight loss. It’s growth. It’s learning to love yourself inside and out from the start, not when you reach a goal. It’s a process that takes time and will always be something i have to work at, but it’s worth the work! . Side note — It’s so hard to find old “before” photos of myself because, fun fact, when you’re insecure about your body, you usually hide halfway behind friends in photos and for sure don’t have any solo ones 🙋🏼‍♀️I’m so proud of who I’ve grown to be over the last 10 years and would change one of those awful years struggling with body imagine, confidence, and all the other baggage that comes with that because it led me to where I am today. And more importantly, because I can help all of you amazing women avoid as much of it as possible! #teamlsf #lsfrefresh #10yearchallenge

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My IG feed is filled with the #10yearchallenge so here is mine! And for those of you that don’t know me yet… Hi! Im Natalie Jill and I’m not just another “fitness girl” 😊 some things you don’t know about me (yet). — A decade later I am 47 and work with women who feel there is more for their life and purpose and I help them LEVEL UP and AGE IN REVERSE. I also run a podcast called “leveling up creating everything from nothing” @leveling_up_podcast where I interview others on how they created incredible massive results from a place of nothing. — 10 years ago I was a divorced single mom, broke, overweight, in debt and had lost my house and my confidence. — I didn’t get into “fitness” and “nutrition” at all until I was 39. — I was on 11 magazine covers after the age of 40 (despite society saying I was too old) and I became a master at creating a vision, shifting my mindset and learning to create all possibilities from NOTHING. I thrive on helping others change their past stories and patterns to shift their beliefs and results now too! — Although fitness and fat loss programs are what I’m known for, my passion and priority is in the personal development space. You see, It’s what’s in our heads, our beliefs and our actions that create our realities. I love shifting this for people. — I’ve seen this over and over again with my fat loss clients. I change their state and next to follow is their weight! — My favorite clients to work with are the ones ready for help busting through everything holding them back so THEY too can create EVERYTHING FROM NOTHING. I’m selective who I work with as I go ALL IN with my clients. — I’ve blocked out time go deep with a handful of you ready to go deep with me in this space and get radical results. — If you are ready to work and shift we should talk! Spots are super limited you can apply at: — 💕 www.nataliejillapply.com 💕 —

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Всего по тегу #10yearchallenge уже опуб­ли­ко­ва­но более мил­ли­о­на фото­гра­фий. Конечно, дале­ко не все они свя­за­ны с темой чел­лен­джа: кто-​то пуб­ли­ку­ет про­сто свои ста­рые фото­гра­фии, дру­гие пыта­ют­ся зара­бо­тать на «хай­по­вой» теме.

Также актив­но под­клю­ча­ют­ся к чел­лен­джу и поль­зо­ва­те­ли дру­гих соци­аль­ных сетей, в том чис­ле Twitter, Facebook и «Одноклассники».

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